The Nakamura Sisters

Top row left to right: Auntie Judy, Auntie Jinx, Auntie Maxine, Auntie Sue (sister-in-law); Bottom row left to right: Auntie Joan, Mom+me and Auntie Sharon+Corinne

There were six girls among the ten Nakamura siblings. This past month we lost my Auntie Sharon. She was the baby of the family. The one that left Hawaii to call California home.

I have memories of her as playful auntie, running around at Grandma’s house just like one of the kids. She put me in a headlock on one of those occasions, just for fun. She also told me the beauty spots are where flies pooped on you. And yes, I became obsessed about them on me. I wanted them off of me.

She trained as a hair dresser. When she went to beauty school, I was her personal model. Can you imagine getting your hair cut in front all of those people. I loved it. I guess I was a big ham.

Uncle Mel and my cousins asked if the family to find old pictures with her with the family. They wanted to show her pictures to make happy. My mom started looking throught old albums for pictures and this was the inspiration for this post.

I love old pictures and I can spend hours just looking at them. These are few of what my mom found. She was the oldest girl in the family so she spent a lot of time with Auntie Sharon when she was a baby. The duty of the being the oldest. Here’s two of Auntie Sharon in diapers.

I had hope to get her famous apricot jam recipe. Her apricot jam was the best because the apricots came from her tree–homegrown and organic. What could be better. And I wish should could have tasted my jam to tell me what she thought. Guess that the job of my Uncle Mel and the kids to tell how it compares.

A lot of memories have filled me as a wrote this post. It’s so sad that they come back to you when you love one is gone. But I’m hope she’s in a better place without pain, doing all of her rascal things to someone. Maybe she’s hanging out with Oat laughing about that Pennsylvania shopping trip and what made us all scatter (family joke). Auntie Sharon you are missed by all.


Thrift store projects: 70s table cloth

Posting this to set my intentions with my purchase and not become a hoarder. Love the crazy goldenrod and brown print. This small table cloth was handmade with a light handprinted backing was speaking to me as I was working this Saturday at the shop. One the hazards of volunteering at a thrift store. Thinking of turning it into a tote with some hand quilting on it. Keep you post on the progress.