Princess Hot Flash started as a way to let my family and friends know what was going on with my life through travel, cooking, and baking, turning into restaurant madness, a multitude of crafting projects, and crazy cat lady moments. Of course, my trusty companions along for the ride were my husband Oat and my cat, Click. 

Four plus years later, that all has changed plus more wtiht this past year due to COVID. My two faithful companions have gone but hopefully watching over me, making sure I’m okay. 

I have a new crew of four: Cora: my mom, the 91-year-old boss of all things and owner of Cora’s Garden; Joe, my dad, the 93-year-old singer plus visual artist; Ollie, my stray that I found behind our restaurant; Orange, my round orange tabby. 

My location has changed from New Jersey to Hawaii and back to my childhood home. Exchanging snow (which I love) and cold weather clothing with trade winds, warm weather, tank tops and slippahs.

This past year was a tough one as the Pandemic took my job, and I became one of the many thousands unemployed. I’m currently a freelance designer looking for something to inspire me to make something beautiful. And that’s what I blog about. My posts are about working on my crafts, my cooking, my adventures, and my parents.

I’ve added a few features that I will try to post consistently: 

  • Cora’s Garden: what is going on in mom’s garden
  • Fav Pics: my favorite pictures from photo collections
  • YurieMADE: a preview of my Etsy items–coming soon

I hope I can inspire you to try something new or at least make you smile. Drop me a comment or a “Hello”. Love to hear from you.