Hawaii 2017

UPDATE: Not sure why this went back to draft. I had to republish this to get it out of my draft folder. Sorry to repost. Still learning WordPress.

I’m back from my trip to Hawaii to see my folks, family, friends and Oat’s send off (Next steps: part 1 and part 2). Wanted to share photos of what I did. It was a great trip. Thought it would be hard without Oat but I had a really nice time family and friends beside being very hot.

Morning walks

I tried my best to keep up my walking when I was back. Not as early, no cats to nudge me awake. But I should start walking at 6 but never was out that early. So hot, what a sweaty mess.


Waipahu Gym


Waikele Golf Course


White egret by side of the road


Doing too many things, not too many shots. I’m surprised I don’t have all shave ice and popsicle images because they were my major food group on this visit.

Flora and Fauna

Most of my shots are from my parents’ yard or their neighbors.


Hung out with folks most days with the last week being a whirlwind of events. Wasn’t the greatest of documenting things this trip.


Went with my cousin and her family to Marukai. It’s like a Costco for all things Japanese. Love their candy and pickle section but this time I didn’t go crazy, instead I could watch 3 little girls go crazy. Picking up every cute and proclaiming, “This is soooooo cute!!!!! Can I get it, pleazzzzzze! I’m so glad I’m just a cousin.

Okinawan Festival

The Okinawan Festival is annual event that is held at Kapiolani Park that is getting bigger and bigger every year according to my friends. There was food, plants and craft/dry goods tents with a Bon Dance in the evening.


View from the Okinawan Festival–Diamond Head

Bon Dance is summer tradition in Hawaii. It is usually connected with a Buddhist temple/church and it is when you go and pay your respects to your ancestors. There is usually live drumming and singing. They perform at top of the a center tower and everyone dance around it.

I was hoping I go get out to a Bon Dance. Something I miss living in NJ. I know there is on in South Jersey but never made it there. Here’s a short video of the Bon Dance that my friend Allyn shot. I’m in there some where, look for blue dress.

Ko Hana Rum

I found out rum was being made near where my parents live, on the outskirts of Waipahu, the cane fields in Kunia.


from the KoHana Tour

My friend, Jan told me her daughter’s boyfriend works there giving tours. And I asked her if she want to go with me for a visit. I needed to get a special gift and I thought Rum distilled in Hawaii sounded good.

Though not, a drinker–a glass or two of a nice red wine is my limit, the tasting w


Oat’s Knit-A-Long

UPDATE: If you are mailing your finished piece, here’s my address: 6 Edgebrook Road, New Brunswick, NJ 08901.

I finally got out to Wrapped in Love Knit Night last Tuesday. Wrapped in Love is a group that crochet and knit wraps and shawls for donor family of the NJ Sharing Network. A friend shared with me a post from Facebook about this group. NJ Sharing Network handled the Oat’s tissue donation and I decided to that I wanted to stay involved with the group in some way.

At this knit night, there were 9 knitters and crocheter at all different levels. Lisa the coordinator of the Knit Night told us about the Wrapped in Love group. Their goal is to send a handmade shawl or wrap to a donor family on their 2 year anniversary with note to thank them and tell them that they are in NJ Sharing Network’s thoughts. She mentioned they were presently behind by 100+.

I wasn’t sure of having a knit-a-long, I thought I’d just go to their knit nights. But when Lisa said they were behind, I’d thought I’d could help by asking my knit/crochet friends if they wanted to join in to knit a shawl, wrap or lap blanket for the Wrapped in Love group.

Oat’s Knit-a-Long

I’m calling Oat’s Knit-a-Long. He would want everyone shawl, wrap or blanket for himself as he loved handmade items. I called him Mr. Handmade because he would wear so many handmade piece at one time during the winter.

The specs

The shawl, wrap or lap blanket doesn’t have to be any specific size, pattern or yarn. It’s needs to be handmade to honor the donor family for the generous gift they have made. There is no special date that needs to be meet as I know everyone is busy. You can send me your finish piece and I’ll delivery it to one of the knit nights I attend. Just let me know the fiber content and I’ll added it to the tag with your name and our knit-a-long.

Please let me know if you will be joining me in knit-a-long. It will help me keep track. You can comment on this post or comment on my FB page.

What am I knitting

I have couple of items I want to get done for Wrapped in Love. Two are works in progress and the other two are just an ideas at the moment.

  • I’m still working on my feather and fan pattern with the beautiful yarn from Megan. The color way is playing out well and it will be a beautiful piece to honor a donor family.

This color way is so beautiful!

  • I’ve also started a simple garter stitch lap wrap gray bulky yarn. I love the simplicity of garter stitch and bulky yarn. And it is so soft!!!

It’s mindless knitting that I can do at night to relax

  • I frogged (ripped out) 4 of Oat’s hat that I’d like to combine to make a shawl or wrap. These hat had too many moth holes to give a way. They were all made by me for Mr. Handmade who love to have stuff made for him.

all wool, the bottom 3 are all NJ and NY sourced.

  • And I have some really silky yarn that I want to knit a shawlette pattern that I knitted a while back that was quick and easy.


  • I wanted to show you a picture of the baby blanket I finished for a friend. Cute baby always makes your finished piece look better.

  • I also finished up a couple of pussy hats that that I’ve been working on for a friend. I promised to make an egg apron with the leftover hat yarn for him. I think it’s going to look great. I’ll start it after I finish up the gray lap blanket. The pattern looks like pretty easy night time crocheting pattern.

2 hat–top with stripped stockinette crown; bottom with solid seed stitch

  • M, a regular customer of the restaurant, came by and asked me if I would teacher her how to knit. She had broken her foot and was house bounded for the at least 6 weeks and needed something keep her occupied. So I’m teaching her to knit, every Saturday at the restaurant. She made a gater stitch rectangle so far that we are turning into to make a teddy bar for her granddaughter. She’s picks up really fast and her stitches are a really even for a beginner. She knows how to knit, cast on, bind off and rip apart (frog).

stitches are even just some dropping stitches, easy to fix

I hope people can join my knit-a-long. Remember just let me know if you are doing it. Thank you, I really appreciate it.

Sitting on the 6:27

Trying to be good and not complain but it was that kind this morning.

Running a little late because previous night’s laziness, I had to clean the litter and take out the trash before I left for the day. And guess who had to use the box when I went to scoop it–enter Ollie’s sad face.

With all that done, I’m now in my car, sitting at the way-too-long traffic light, wondering why they can’t get the timing right on this light [oh by the way it’s 6:14am, the sun has come up yet], then the left arrow turns green. BEEEP!

Now, it’s way too early for a horn especially when we are waiting to turning right not left. What does one jack** at 6:14 in the morning want me to do? SIGHHHH!

I got to the station with no more beeping but the line was long. I think I can get a seat. And YEA! I do. BUT . . . as I sat down I realized I’m sitting next to one of those “doesn’t have a clue/small personal space bubble” person. And he was a little creepy, sitting way too close. I’m squished up against the window, trying not to look at him. His elbow was in my side and he kept looking towards me. I was going to sleep but to creeped out, so I started this post instead.

Then the guy behind me started coughing without covering his mouth. How do I know, I could feel it on the back of my head.



Don’t be lazy and leave stuff for the next morning!

Can I have redo? Ugh!

I told myself I can’t start my day off feeling annoyed or creeped out. So my walk would be the real start, where I can clear all the yuck away.


Sun rising over the lower Manhattan

It was another beautiful clear day. There was a smoke trail from a plane and as the sun rose over lower Manhattan, it intersected the trail that intersected  the Freedom Tower.20171003_075546

30 minutes in to my walk,  I look down at my arm to push up my sleeves [guess who is hot and sweaty] to realize I had my shirt on inside out.

Made someone at work take I picture of my inside-out shirt

Now was that why the creepy guy kept looking my way? Oh, well, it was just that kind of day. Hahaha!