A New Trail

Beautiful morning

Got my cousin to take me hiking on a new trail, MaƱana Ridge trail. We got an early start, with that comes prime parking, right new the trailhead. Trying to be quiet as it is in a residential area at the end of Komo Mai Drive in Pacific Palisades. Greeting us at the entrance are a brood of feral chickens, wanting us to head them.

We passed through the gates, up a paved section, no one around besides us. It was so peaceful. I think we passed 2 people coming down the trail. Must be neighborhood people doing their morning walk.

looking towards Waipahu

Once we got pass the trees, the view opens up. I was a really beautiful day and views were spectacular.

We reached our destination the picnic tables and took a pictures. I even got a picture of a human. haha.

The feral chickens greeted us on the way and even followed us to the car. A pretty pushing bunch. Wish I took a pictures of them. Next time.