Sitting on the 6:27

Trying to be good and not complain but it was that kind this morning.

Running a little late because previous night’s laziness, I had to clean the litter and take out the trash before I left for the day. And guess who had to use the box when I went to scoop it–enter Ollie’s sad face.

With all that done, I’m now in my car, sitting at the way-too-long traffic light, wondering why they can’t get the timing right on this light [oh by the way it’s 6:14am, the sun has come up yet], then the left arrow turns green. BEEEP!

Now, it’s way too early for a horn especially when we are waiting to turning right not left. What does one jack** at 6:14 in the morning want me to do? SIGHHHH!

I got to the station with no more beeping but the line was long. I think I can get a seat. And YEA! I do. BUT . . . as I sat down I realized I’m sitting next to one of those “doesn’t have a clue/small personal space bubble” person. And he was a little creepy, sitting way too close. I’m squished up against the window, trying not to look at him. His elbow was in my side and he kept looking towards me. I was going to sleep but to creeped out, so I started this post instead.

Then the guy behind me started coughing without covering his mouth. How do I know, I could feel it on the back of my head.



Don’t be lazy and leave stuff for the next morning!

Can I have redo? Ugh!

I told myself I can’t start my day off feeling annoyed or creeped out. So my walk would be the real start, where I can clear all the yuck away.


Sun rising over the lower Manhattan

It was another beautiful clear day. There was a smoke trail from a plane and as the sun rose over lower Manhattan, it intersected the trail that intersected  the Freedom Tower.20171003_075546

30 minutes in to my walk,  I look down at my arm to push up my sleeves [guess who is hot and sweaty] to realize I had my shirt on inside out.

Made someone at work take I picture of my inside-out shirt

Now was that why the creepy guy kept looking my way? Oh, well, it was just that kind of day. Hahaha!


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