Mom and Netflix

I introduced Mom to Netflix about 3 months ago. I showed her all the Korean dramas they had. Well, that “sparked joy”.

The only problem–she doesn’t know how to turn it on. Mom is very unsure of the TV. She knows how to do the cable but to turn on Netflix, there are just too many buttons to press. She thinks if she presses the wrong combination it may blow up. So, my job is to turn on Netflix on and put it on the right program. I also help her select the new program by thumbing through each show for her to read the description.

Yes, I created a monster. But at least, she watches them slow one or two episodes per day. And Korean dramas go on forever (the first one she watched had 30 episodes), so selecting isn’t so bad.

Here’s the start of a new monthly feature called Cora’s Pixs. A summary of mom’s selection and review of the show she just watched on Netflix. FYI she loves the dramatic family dramas with a lot of fighting, screaming, and crying.

Mom’s Korean drama rating scale
  • This is so good!!!
  • It’s good.
  • Can we change to another one?

Heaven’s Garden
This drama is about a mom takes her two daughters to live with her estranged father that lives in the countryside after her husband goes to jail for bankruptcy.

This got a “This is so good!!!” from mom. It had lots of fighting amongst the villagers and family to keep. It also has an estranged mother comes back into the picture, gossipy neighborhood family, ghost and bunch of funny kids.

Immortal Classic
Two culinary families fighting to have the best chef and keep their kimchee recipe secret.

This has a mean grandma that starts the drama off the secrets and fighting, her new daughter-in-law who carrier of all the secrets, an evil daughter who may have murdered the father, another runaway daughter that was banished by grandma, and a goofy dr/chef “Cinderella” character. All amongst a group of handsome male doctors to calm everything down.

It almost got a “this is so good!!!” but wasn’t as good as Heaven’s Garden. Too many time period changes for mom to get top honors but still “It’s good.” plus.

This is it for now. More to come from Cora’s Pixs.


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