Cora's Garden: Papaya

The morning start to the day for Mom (Cora) and Dad (Joe) beginnings with coffee, toast, and papaya most days. The seeds and skins of papaya have been breakfast for the birds for many years. This relationship with my parent and the birds breakfast has brought them several papaya trees to their yard.

Their current tree is in a bit of an odd place, in the crack of the backyard walk area. You wouldn’t think this would be a good place for it but it seems to be doing well.

brought to us by mom’s bird friends

The homegrown papayas take a bit longer to ripen that the store bought ones. She supplements with one on sale when they are still sweetening up.

Papaya on the left from our tree, ones on the right from Costco
Picked this on Monday, still ripening. Maybe next Monday

Sizes of the fruit varies on the tree, little ones without seeds to giant ones. Those giant ones are on the top of the tree. This giant one (left) is 2lbs, the one on the right is 1lb. There are even bigger ones on the tree.


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