Cora got a new pair of shorts

They were suppose to be for me to replace one that was falling apart. But it was slightly too tight for me around the hips. I used the old pair as a pattern and tested it out using old pillow case. On the pillow case version, I made a few adjustments to the pattern and I thought it was ready for the real thing. I added front and back pockets using the old version as my placement guide.

Partially taken apart, the waist band was attached it to the pillow case version to test the rest of the pattern out

As I was finishing up the final version, I was excited as it was coming out great. I like how the stitching was looking. I was a little worried about the waistband as the original version had 2″ elastic. I decided that two rows of 1″ elastic within the ribbing waistband would work.

I was not quite sure how I was going to do it. I inserted the top row of elastic up to the fold edge and stitched it down 1/8″ from the edge. For the second row, I slightly overlapped the first, stitching the overlapped area. The elastic slightly shifted and I had to and another row of stitching be make sure it was secured.

The try on

It didn’t quite fit. Waistband slightly too big, the hip area just fit, uncomfortable to sit, and the back pockets were too low. I asked my mom to try it on to see if it fit her and it did and that’s how she got a new pair of shorts.

Luckily I had extra material to cut another shorts with the adjusted pattern.


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