Quilts Galore

The hospital thrift shop I volunteer at has a donation of Hawaiian-style patchwork quilts. The hospital has a group of craft ladies that made up these patchwork quilts for use within the hospital. The hospital did not need the quilts, and the volunteer service group decided to sell them at the thrift shop. These quilts have become very popular with our clients. They are always asking for more.

It was my job to get the dimensions and price the quilts. I got to see them all and have taken a few pictures of my favorites.

Last week, as I sorted through another batch of quilts and asked the volunteer services manager about them and the group who made them. He told me it’s not a group but one lady that made all of the blankets. He said she would talk to him about how she would think about the placement of the prints and layout of the patterns for each quilt.

The volunteer service manager said she hasn’t brought in a quilt since covid started. I hope these aren’t the last of her quilts. They are so fun and inspiring to me. I want see more of her work.



Geshia Kokeshi from a collection over 70 years old

Shots from my doll cleaning days for doll sale fundraiser. This collection is from a 103 year old lady that started the collection about 70 years ago. There were several types of dolls and ceramics but the kokeshi were fabulous.

This a video describing the history and different types of kokeshi dolls.

The collection of kokeshi are so cute with so much personality and the details on their kimono, hairpins, and other accessories were so good. The hairpin in on this doll above could be taken off and her head wobbles.

Samurai with a removable sword

What a handsome samurai he is. Love the his facial expression

the buckets on their head are so cute

I love their indigo yukatas with their apron with the writing on it.

I’m now truly kokeshi crazy. I hope I can find some on my next trip to Japan.