Fav Pics: Blooms

Orange, my favorite color

I did a whole series of shots from my vacation to Montreal and Quebec in 2015 of close-up of colorful blooms. It was a hot August and all the colors seems so intense. This one was one of my favorite as the orange came out loud and clear. Here’s the rest of the collections.

Cora’s Garden: The Beloved Honohono

Mom’s honohono has bloomed. Just one spike this year.

The Honohono orchid is very beloved amongst the orchid growers in Hawaii. The sweet scent and cascading flowers something to look forward to in the spring. Here’s an article to give you more information about these orchids.

Cora’s orchids are having a very active blooming season this year. Though the orchids plants themselves need more care. Once the blooms are gone, will tend to them with some repotting the is very needed on several of them. We moved them in the patio so we can enjoy them together.

Mom’s also wanted to show off her oxalis that has a blooms.