Beginning of Dad’s Blanket


Dad is always cold. Remember he lives on the west side of Oahu, not the coldest place in the world. Here’s an example, last August when I was back for a visit, it was hot. My parents have an window air condition in the dining room/living room, which my dad kind of controls. It is only turn on when it is really hot to him or when he feels sorry for his youngest child.

I guess he was felt sorry for me and turned it on that day. It was on for a little while but suddenly noticed that I was feeling really hot and sweat was beading up on my face. Now  I know that I’m Princess Hot Flash so I did wonder if I was having one of them but I turned to my mom and she has sweat beading up on her face, too.

I kind of whisper to her (dad is hard of hearing)  if the air conditioner was working.  And she said, “Dad turned it to fan because he was cold” while motion me not to say anything.

What!! I turned to look at him and he has his fleece vest on.

So this is why I’m making my dad that lives on the west side of Oahu (the dry hot side of the island) a double strand merino wool blanket. Hopefully this will keep him warm.


Pattern: Compy Blanket designed by Linda Daley

Yarn: Merino Wool from Morehouse Farm; Originally Oat’s Sweater

Status: Row 13


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