The Big Move

This was the hardest thing I’ve done. The last year and 4 months was whirlwind, doing things I’d never thought I’d be doing with Oat or just by myself. I’m exhausted probably could sleep for 2 weeks if I had ac. 


I packed up his ashes in one of my boxes for a trip across country and ride across the Pacific. Both things he wanted to do but just in a different mode of transportation. Would have taken his ashes on the plane but I just didn’t want to get hassled by chance. So many things were going wrong.

I sat on my dining floor in front of the fan, watching the movers move out with my stuff to be wrapped in plastic on a palette.

“3 palettes, Can you sign for this?” the head mover said and 25 years of my life fits on 3 palettes. I’m sad but proud that this step is done.

I survived

All that was left was stuff for the junk guys and whatever my friend ends up taking and garbage. But there is no rest for the weary. I still had to go to the bank and city for house stuff, cancel the cable [that’s another story for another day] and leave my house broom clean. I told myself I could get it done by 7:15.


Ollie is supervising. I think he knows something is up. Orange is nowhere to be found.

Hahaha! I was running on empty. Didn’t feel like cleaning, I did what I could. My neighbors came by to say bye and even brought me a snack to give me the energy to finish my task. I’m leaving such a nice neighborhood.


I locked up my house after got the cats in the crates. Just a few tears, more stressed about everything else. Driving, CRAP! where’s my toothbrush? CRAP! I didn’t clean out the upstairs medicine TURN AROUND. SOBBING. It feels like it will never end.


This is one reason that I was so stressed out

But I survive

I arrived at my friends’ place 2 hours late. Dinner waiting for me. I get cute little set up in their TV room with the AC on. Cats exploring thing why did have to come in. Orange wants to go out visit with some new cat friends.

Everyone arrived safely and we are all adjusting to our new place. Now we just have to ride out Hurricane Lane and we will be alright.


Ollie checking out outside


Orange sleeping away the afternoon heat



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