2 Weeks In

It will be 2 weeks back in Hawaii tomorrow. Still adjusting to my new life here. Trying to figure out what I can do to keep me out of trouble.

The Boys

The cats have been great. Getting into mischief as much as they can. They had full reign of my cabinets as I empty them back in NJ and want the same privileges here in Waipahu. But the Boss [my mom] doesn’t allow that. They also think the patio has the same breezeway privileges that they can run in and out of the house and the garage whenever they wanted. The patio is open to the side and backyard. So the only way out is with a harness and a leash. Ollie is up for the harness and we tried going for a walk. Orange, he’s another story and who would have guessed any different. It’s like I’m going to put him in the carrier.

The Heat


Got me a ceiling fan!! Woowho! I still feel hot but it’s like a constant breeze on me now. [I owe someone delicious bottles of red wine.]  I hope Hurricane/Tropical Storm Lane doesn’t bring heat and humidity as he leaves the islands. It poured all morning since the time I got up at 3:00ish and stop at 7:00ish. It’s overcast and that might keep the temps down.

Please O’ weather gods keep the temps down for me, pretty please.

The only benefit of the heat is I don’t feel guilty for getting a shave ice as an afternoon snack. Luckily there is a good shave ice truck near the house. Too delicious to stop and get a picture, next time.

The Folks

I’ve been trying to keep them busy and getting them out of the house for entertainment and exercise. They have an aide that comes three days a week. She works with my dad on exercises for strength and takes them out and about or holo-holo in Hawaii slang, on errands and dr visits.

The aide that they have is a young girl from Chicago that just moved to Hawaii. Everything is new to here and I think it’s a good fit for my parents. My mom loves to feed people and she loves to try anything new. And she’s really sweet to my dad. Thought I think he would fare better with someone that was more on the rascal side.

I’m glad they have her because it would be all on me if they didn’t. I can see how hard that would be.

And me

I’m looking for things to do and meet new people. Here are a few of my ideas I thought I could try out in September

  • yoga class
  • swimming class to strengthen and learn more strokes
  • join the Y
  • knitting group
  • volunteer at Honouliuli National Monument
  • volunteer at Library
  • start walking/running consistently
  • lunch or dinner with friends
  • trying sell vintage stuff for my parents
    look out for my ebay or etsy shop if you like vintage housewares. Midcentury stuff.

I’m trying to keep busy and not just hang out in my room watching too much Netflix as I did before I moved. I got sucked into watching DeadWind, Finnish crime drama with I’m such sucker for. I think I have a few more episodes left then on to the next. I need to stop watching. . . ahaaaa.


The Big Move

This was the hardest thing I’ve done. The last year and 4 months was whirlwind, doing things I’d never thought I’d be doing with Oat or just by myself. I’m exhausted probably could sleep for 2 weeks if I had ac. 


I packed up his ashes in one of my boxes for a trip across country and ride across the Pacific. Both things he wanted to do but just in a different mode of transportation. Would have taken his ashes on the plane but I just didn’t want to get hassled by chance. So many things were going wrong.

I sat on my dining floor in front of the fan, watching the movers move out with my stuff to be wrapped in plastic on a palette.

“3 palettes, Can you sign for this?” the head mover said and 25 years of my life fits on 3 palettes. I’m sad but proud that this step is done.

I survived

All that was left was stuff for the junk guys and whatever my friend ends up taking and garbage. But there is no rest for the weary. I still had to go to the bank and city for house stuff, cancel the cable [that’s another story for another day] and leave my house broom clean. I told myself I could get it done by 7:15.


Ollie is supervising. I think he knows something is up. Orange is nowhere to be found.

Hahaha! I was running on empty. Didn’t feel like cleaning, I did what I could. My neighbors came by to say bye and even brought me a snack to give me the energy to finish my task. I’m leaving such a nice neighborhood.


I locked up my house after got the cats in the crates. Just a few tears, more stressed about everything else. Driving, CRAP! where’s my toothbrush? CRAP! I didn’t clean out the upstairs medicine TURN AROUND. SOBBING. It feels like it will never end.


This is one reason that I was so stressed out

But I survive

I arrived at my friends’ place 2 hours late. Dinner waiting for me. I get cute little set up in their TV room with the AC on. Cats exploring thing why did have to come in. Orange wants to go out visit with some new cat friends.

Everyone arrived safely and we are all adjusting to our new place. Now we just have to ride out Hurricane Lane and we will be alright.


Ollie checking out outside


Orange sleeping away the afternoon heat




onlastshidig, the last party I would have at the house. A casual affair, people coming and go from 1–9pm. Food that I made from the ingredients I have left in my cabinets or recipes I just wanted to try. My last foodie experience at my Edgebrook home.

The Menu

Lots of prep goes into throwing a party. And I needed to be creative with my menu because I tried to use up as much of my supplies as I could.

Left to right: lentil fritter ready to be fried, salsa ready to served, Oat BBQ chicken marinating.

The morning of the party I had a late start because I had to wait for the Chimney guy to show up. Got stood up and I was behind schedule by 2 hours. And the menu shows it.

  • Gyoza–forgot to make
  • Hawaii Mac Salad–no time to mix up, a giant bowl of macaroni, potatoes, and hard-boiled egg sat in my refrigerator for the party
  • Lentil Fritters–like the Mac Salad, it sat in my freezer waiting to be fried up
  • Beef Salad
  • Asian Chopped Salad
  • Kale Salad–add the Asian dressing, no time to make the sunflower seed dressing
  • Carrot Harissa and Feta–forgot to add the feta
  • Kalua Pork–forgot to serve up
  • Oat’s Chicken
  • Assorted Burgers–veggie and fish
  • Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Lilikoi Coconut Pie
  • Thai Tea Cupcakes–too hot to make up



from top to bottom: Carrot Harissa Salad, Kale Salad with roast carrots and pasta, Asian Chopped Salad


I felt that there wasn’t enough food but I didn’t remember the other items. It was the heat and the humidity [stupid AC] plus lack of sleep. I wish I could have made more.

Party Rules

I created party rules, mostly because I wanted help with help with cleaning out my house.

  1. Bring nothing
  2. If you must bring something, bring your favorite drink
  3. You must take one thing home with you
  4. bring a folding or lawn chairs if you have it available

Most people followed was #4. We had more than enough chairs. The rule that most people broke was to take one home with them. At least a few people took things and that all I can ask for. One thing I learned in this past year is to be thankful for what you have and not to expect anything more.

The Event

It was a hot and humid day only made worst that my AC didn’t work. But all my friends were troopers and stuck it out with me and had a nice time.

My large yard came in handy for kids at my party. Running around, chasing each other, kicking and throwing a ball. It was so nice to see it being used for what it was made for.

Most of the food went. Had a lot of beer and wine left, which my neighbors were happy to take off my hands. I think my foodie experience was a success with many requests for recipes. I added links to the menu above for all the request recipes.

I wanted to make up takeaways for people but once again I ran out of time and gave into the heat and humidity. I made up one batch of harissa, sugar plum jam, and Princess Hot Flash Healthier Banana Bread. Not enough for everyone but a few people got some. Here’s the recipe for the Banana Bread. I adjusted a recipe from my old blog. It most definitely is better than before.

Princess Hot Flash Healthier Banana Bread

Bake: 350º
Time: 1 hour 15 minutes or tester comes out clean
Pan: 9 x 5 x 3 loaf pan [5 mini loaves adjust bake time]

3/4 c butter, soften
1 1/2 c sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1 c non-fat greek yogurt, plain (I use full-fat vanilla greek yogurt for the bread at the party)

Dry Ingredients
2 c flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 c grounded coconut, unsweetened
1/4 c grounded golden flax seeds

1 cup ripe bananas, mashed [I throw my ripe bananas in my freezer, I used 3 medium size ones]
1/3 cup golden raisins *

Grease pan with oil and flour, set on the side. Sift together in a separate bowl dry ingredients and set on the side. Cream butter and sugar till light and fluffy. Add eggs, one at a ​time, mix in well then add vanilla. Mix in dry ingredients alternating with yogurt in 3 addition, starting with flour, don’t over mix. Fold in bananas and raisins.

Watch your bread as it got really dark at the end. I tented it with foil for the last 1/2 hour so it wouldn’t burn. I tested it with a bamboo skewer to see if it was done.

*I threw the raisins into the flour mixture so they were coated with the flour so they didn’t sink to the bottom.


A bundle of nerves . . .

And whatever else comes with selling your house, moving to Hawaii, transporting two cats, transporting one car and selling another, and emptying the entire content of a house that I’ve lived in for over 20+ years. Besides all of this, my house is decided it doesn’t want me to go and has thrown me several curve balls through the home inspection.



Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 2.21.59 PM

For reference of where I’ll be living


I’m sitting in my dining room this morning working this morning with two fans on at #3. This is because my ac decided to quit 10 days ago during a New Jersey muggy summer season. This is preparation for my life on Kahuanani Street where my mom said it never rains.



I can eat that whole bag by myself

It really doesn’t help the day having a giant bag of my favorite olive oil chip sitting on the dining room table all day. I need to get a little bit of credit for not opening it. Wish me luck not to open it before Saturday.


I’m trying to be positive about all with all this mayhem in my life. My friends are telling me . . .

. . . think of it’s just another project and it may be painful and annoying but you always push through and get it done.

I hope I do. I need all the fingers crossed and all luck to see me through this next few weeks.


The elephant has left the room


My living room to be exact. The exodus has started and things are leaving. My rooms are starting to empty and walls looking bare.

The elephant chair will continue to live with a Thai family. And I’m sure it will be well used and loved. My two mirrors and 3 paintings also found a home with them. If you don’t know the story of the elephant chair, here’s the link from my old blog with the story.



Elephant chair got some new pillows–elephant one, too.

Hopefully, I’ll get more takers. I would like to sell things but I got two creepy replies from craigslist posts that I’m not sure if I want to continue with the selling route. Maybe it just my destiny to donate and give away to friends my stuff.