Scrapy Shawl

Remember my Scheepjes d’Histoire Naturelle blanket I finished in August 2021? I had a bunch of extra yarn and wanted to use it up. I decided on something easy, nothing that I have to concentrate too much on.

It still needs the ends to be woven in. Sigh!

Here’s a simple gather stitch triangle shawl. Used most of the leftover yarn with a few small yarn balls for Orange the cat to play with. I cast on two stitches. I slipped the first stitch in every row and a knit front back increase (kfb) at the 2nd to the last stitch in every row. On the stripe sections, I knitted two rows of one color and two rows of the other color. I knitted to I ran out of yarn. At the widest edge, 64″ and from the bind-off edge to cast on 34″. Nice weight, not too heavy, perfect for a cool evening. The Scheepjes Stone Washed is both soft to work with and wear.


After many years of blogging, I’ve decided to take a WordPress course to draw a bigger audience and focus more on my writing. They suggested taking stock of what I have accomplished and what I liked to do for the next six months. So here’s what I got so far.

Taking Stock

The Chronicles of Princess Hot Flash started as a way to let my family and friends know what was going on with my life through travel, cooking, and baking, turning into restaurant madness, a multitude of crafting projects, and crazy cat lady moments. My trusty companions in my crazy world were my husband Oat and my cat, Click.

Three plus years ago, that all changed plus even more this past year due to COVID. My two companions have gone but hopefully watching over me, making sure I’m okay.

Things I’ll miss: (left to right, top to bottom) my beautiful Click, testing out desserts on my friends, hiking in National Parks, walking on our snowy path, and my funny Oat.

I have a new crew of four: Cora: my mom, the 91-year-old boss of all things and owner of Cora’s garden; Joe, my dad, the 93-year-old singer plus visual artist; Ollie, my stray that I found behind our restaurant; Orange, my round orange tabby. And my location has changed from New Jersey to Hawaii and back to my childhood home.

My new crew: (left to right, top to bottom) Mom modeling a knitted cowl I made for her, Dad the hipster in his new beanie, Ollie looking handsome, and Orange as tiny shy kitten (not any more, hahah).

The Pandemic took my job, and I became one of the many thousands unemployed. I’m currently a freelance graphic designer working part-time, volunteering at my favorite non-profits, and helping care for my parents. In between all of that, I’m working on too many project looking for something to inspire me to make something beautiful.

My slew of project, looking to inspiration: (left to right, top to bottom) Scheepjes 2020 CAL, (still going); trying out boro quilting on my pillow case; basket made from cord made from a lucet loom; trying my hand at pattern making, mom’s shorts; scrappy animals–pink cat;Hot Wheels the scrap dog; Arne and Carlos Quarantine squares blanket (done); hand quilting my aloha shirt blanket; and watercolor painting with embroidery.

The Next Six Months

Planning for the Next Six Months is the hard part. I’ve been putting this off for three-plus years. I guess this was my reason for signing up for this course. Here’s what I’d like to happen. I want to draw a bigger audience by creating more features like Cora’s Garden, posting about my too many projects and looking for inspiration, launching my Etsy shop and posting about my handmade items, and showcasing the photos I’ve been shooting these many years.

How about this does this sound like a plan?

Do you see elephants?

I finally got back to my d’Historie Naturelle blanket and made it past part 4, attaching the corners. I was avoiding putting them on because I thought I my have made a mistake and need to rip apart what I had done and that just got me not wanting to do it.

To my surprise, I did’t ripe it apart.

corners attached, phew!
Started on the flames row, I thought they look more like flower bud.
I’m not looking forward to weaving the ends in.

Part 5

I thought I would never get pass part 4. Part 5 starts our simple and pretty straight forward. I get to the famous elephant rows, simple repeats and simple stitches. No crazy triple trebles (uk term) in the next two rounds. How bad can it be?

Bad! I shouldn’t crochet when I’m stressed out (Dad issue). It’s only two rows with an easy pattern repeat along each edges. Well it must be hard enough to make the exact same mistake–1/2 treble (uk term) NOT double crochet (uk term)-TWICE! And I had rip it out to the beginning of the first of the two row. Sheesh! Annoyed. I ripped out, bundle everything together and threw it in the corner fix later! Ughhhh!

I wake up the next morning and determine to make this right, and TA DAH!

No ears but I’m not ripping them out again!!!

I can see the elephants!

from a text from my sister

There are two per repeat, facing each other, eight in total. The original pattern has them with no ear and I did find a link in the comments of the video for elephants with ears but I wasn’t going to rip them out again just for the ear. I like how they look, cute!

I hope to continue on till I’m done. Working a little everyday till I can show you this finished project. I should slap myself for stopping during the cooler winter month to only start back up in when the weather has turn to almost summer in my neighborhood.

For my birthday, I picked up another crochet pattern for bag and both the yarn. Corfu bag from Outstanding Crochet and Catona yarn from scheepjes from Wool Warehouse.

There are other projects in the queue before this bag but I couldn’t pass it up. More projects to come. Stay tuned.