On the Market

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 2.49.01 PMIt finally happened–THE HOUSE IS ON THE MARKET!!!

I didn’t think it could happen. My to-do list seemed endless. Wish me luck on getting a buyer soon. And if you know of anyone that are interested, please feel free to send them the link. Much appreciate it.

I’m on to the next step–getting ready for the move. ┬áMore to come soon.




Why didn’t know it would be so hard? It was slow at the beginning, looking closely at everything, thinking hard what is pile it should go in–keep, toss, donate and of course, I had fourth one–who can I give it to.

And why is it so hard to give away free stuff.

I’m exhausted. I have 3 piles in my living room right now–toss, donate and going to the storage (meaning keep). I gave up on the fourth one (sort of). I hope all of you are proud of me for it. Please note my keep pile is much smaller than my donate pile.

Sometimes It’s Sad

But this morning I did tackled something hard. I cleaned out Oat’s travel kit. It was on a top shelf of a closet. I finally clean up that shelf. Then there it was, sitting on the floor next to my bed. It sat there for a couple of days, waiting to be clean up.

I was really sad. It kind of the end of my travels with him. We still had many place to see. I know everyone will miss goofy costumes. Here’s one of the favorites. I photoshopped the peg leg and parrot for him. He was so happy.


Sometimes There’s a Reason

It’s not all painfully, I found a great book I had picked up from one of my company’s many purges. Obon, a Japanese summer festival that celebrate your ancestors. There’s dancing, taiko drumming, people dressed in kimonos, crafts and lot of great food.


this goes to my fourth pile–to my cousin’s girls

Sometimes There’s a Goal


I’m to soon reach it. Friday is pictures, Wednesday it gets listed and Sunday is a Open House. I hope to be one giant step closer to start my new life in Hawaii.