I’m finally done with my house but I’m helping my girlfriend (who is also moving to Hawaii after 34 years and 11 months) place ready to be put on the market. So it was 2 days of cleaning and painting.

Hopefully no more paint on me for a while. All I need to do is keep it clean (lots of take out) and if all the stars are lined up, someone else will fall in love with my house as Oat and I did.


My hands are tired and sore from all the work I’ve done the past 2 weeks to get it ready.

But this weekend will be different. Visiting a friend I have seen in a while for hiking and a lot of catching up.




Why didn’t know it would be so hard? It was slow at the beginning, looking closely at everything, thinking hard what is pile it should go in–keep, toss, donate and of course, I had fourth one–who can I give it to.

And why is it so hard to give away free stuff.

I’m exhausted. I have 3 piles in my living room right now–toss, donate and going to the storage (meaning keep). I gave up on the fourth one (sort of). I hope all of you are proud of me for it. Please note my keep pile is much smaller than my donate pile.

Sometimes It’s Sad

But this morning I did tackled something hard. I cleaned out Oat’s travel kit. It was on a top shelf of a closet. I finally clean up that shelf. Then there it was, sitting on the floor next to my bed. It sat there for a couple of days, waiting to be clean up.

I was really sad. It kind of the end of my travels with him. We still had many place to see. I know everyone will miss goofy costumes. Here’s one of the favorites. I photoshopped the peg leg and parrot for him. He was so happy.


Sometimes There’s a Reason

It’s not all painfully, I found a great book I had picked up from one of my company’s many purges. Obon, a Japanese summer festival that celebrate your ancestors. There’s dancing, taiko drumming, people dressed in kimonos, crafts and lot of great food.


this goes to my fourth pile–to my cousin’s girls

Sometimes There’s a Goal


I’m to soon reach it. Friday is pictures, Wednesday it gets listed and Sunday is a Open House. I hope to be one giant step closer to start my new life in Hawaii.

Getting Ready for the BIG MOVE

Been busy freshening up my house to put it up for sale. Painting, clean and purging seems to never end. I just can’t wait to finish.

Thought I’d share what has been happen.


This is the bathroom which I was doing before or after work. The cats were very interested that I was spending so much time in the bathroom. There was a lot of playing going on as I painted.


Ollie wanted to help me paint the upstairs bathroom

New Appliances

Got new dishwasher after 3 years of living with a broken one. I know my kitchen looks like a wreck but it gets worst before it gets better.


Nice to have a dish washer after the long break

And I got a new water heater. My realtor suggested it since the other major appliances are older. No sexy pictures of the water heater. Sorry.


Finally painted the shingles on the breezeway and the garage door and house washed the front and back of the house. That some good stuff that house wash.


I also had the my handyman fix up the back door and the French door. These pictures were pre-house wash.


All the rooms are getting empty. It is kind of sad. Had the 1800GotJunk guys come to my house to get rid of the all the heavy stuff I couldn’t do by myself.


Beside Ollie and the ladder that’s all I got in my living room

Got myself a storage unit to move all my boxes so the how doesn’t look like a hoarder lives there. The unit is good test if I to see if I one Ubox is enough for me. I’ll get a picture when I bring more boxes the next time.

Well, there still a lot to do but making a lot of progress. I hope my realtor thinks it good enough to put on the market. More pictures to come.