2 Weeks In

It will be 2 weeks back in Hawaii tomorrow. Still adjusting to my new life here. Trying to figure out what I can do to keep me out of trouble.

The Boys

The cats have been great. Getting into mischief as much as they can. They had full reign of my cabinets as I empty them back in NJ and want the same privileges here in Waipahu. But the Boss [my mom] doesn’t allow that. They also think the patio has the same breezeway privileges that they can run in and out of the house and the garage whenever they wanted. The patio is open to the side and backyard. So the only way out is with a harness and a leash. Ollie is up for the harness and we tried going for a walk. Orange, he’s another story and who would have guessed any different. It’s like I’m going to put him in the carrier.

The Heat


Got me a ceiling fan!! Woowho! I still feel hot but it’s like a constant breeze on me now. [I owe someone delicious bottles of red wine.]  I hope Hurricane/Tropical Storm Lane doesn’t bring heat and humidity as he leaves the islands. It poured all morning since the time I got up at 3:00ish and stop at 7:00ish. It’s overcast and that might keep the temps down.

Please O’ weather gods keep the temps down for me, pretty please.

The only benefit of the heat is I don’t feel guilty for getting a shave ice as an afternoon snack. Luckily there is a good shave ice truck near the house. Too delicious to stop and get a picture, next time.

The Folks

I’ve been trying to keep them busy and getting them out of the house for entertainment and exercise. They have an aide that comes three days a week. She works with my dad on exercises for strength and takes them out and about or holo-holo in Hawaii slang, on errands and dr visits.

The aide that they have is a young girl from Chicago that just moved to Hawaii. Everything is new to here and I think it’s a good fit for my parents. My mom loves to feed people and she loves to try anything new. And she’s really sweet to my dad. Thought I think he would fare better with someone that was more on the rascal side.

I’m glad they have her because it would be all on me if they didn’t. I can see how hard that would be.

And me

I’m looking for things to do and meet new people. Here are a few of my ideas I thought I could try out in September

  • yoga class
  • swimming class to strengthen and learn more strokes
  • join the Y
  • knitting group
  • volunteer at Honouliuli National Monument
  • volunteer at Library
  • start walking/running consistently
  • lunch or dinner with friends
  • trying sell vintage stuff for my parents
    look out for my ebay or etsy shop if you like vintage housewares. Midcentury stuff.

I’m trying to keep busy and not just hang out in my room watching too much Netflix as I did before I moved. I got sucked into watching DeadWind, Finnish crime drama with I’m such sucker for. I think I have a few more episodes left then on to the next. I need to stop watching. . . ahaaaa.



Why didn’t know it would be so hard? It was slow at the beginning, looking closely at everything, thinking hard what is pile it should go in–keep, toss, donate and of course, I had fourth one–who can I give it to.

And why is it so hard to give away free stuff.

I’m exhausted. I have 3 piles in my living room right now–toss, donate and going to the storage (meaning keep). I gave up on the fourth one (sort of). I hope all of you are proud of me for it. Please note my keep pile is much smaller than my donate pile.

Sometimes It’s Sad

But this morning I did tackled something hard. I cleaned out Oat’s travel kit. It was on a top shelf of a closet. I finally clean up that shelf. Then there it was, sitting on the floor next to my bed. It sat there for a couple of days, waiting to be clean up.

I was really sad. It kind of the end of my travels with him. We still had many place to see. I know everyone will miss goofy costumes. Here’s one of the favorites. I photoshopped the peg leg and parrot for him. He was so happy.


Sometimes There’s a Reason

It’s not all painfully, I found a great book I had picked up from one of my company’s many purges. Obon, a Japanese summer festival that celebrate your ancestors. There’s dancing, taiko drumming, people dressed in kimonos, crafts and lot of great food.


this goes to my fourth pile–to my cousin’s girls

Sometimes There’s a Goal


I’m to soon reach it. Friday is pictures, Wednesday it gets listed and Sunday is a Open House. I hope to be one giant step closer to start my new life in Hawaii.