It will be changing soon. I’m moving from my 4 bedroom colonial in the Northeast back into my old childhood bedroom across the Pacific with my 2 cats. Oh my, that sound so sad. But it really isn’t. It’s only temporary, till I build a 1 bedroom apartment for me and the boys on top of my parents’ garage.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 11.05.34 AM

Can you see it? A tiny mid-century 1 bed apartment about the garage?

I’m moving back to be near to my parents to help with day to day issues. I guess it’s about time for this move–34 years and 363 days living away from Hawaii. I can’t even believe it’s been that long.

My Parents

The folks are in their late 80’s and need more help as Dad has given up driving. They have an aide that comes to house 2 day a week for 3 hours to help them out with things around the house or doctor appointments. I’ll be there to help out with other things and get them out and about and not stuck at home so much.

Beside me and the cats adjusting to this big move, my parents will need to get used to me being there. My old bedroom is currently functioning as a very large walk in closet for my mom. She is slowly cleaning thing out.

When I told her she needed to clean the room out for me, she said “the whole room?!” My response was “Well, I really don’t want to sleep in your closet, Mom.”

And I’ll be working remotely on east coast time so I’ll be up at 3:30 and probably asleep by 9:30 (I hope). Yes! 3:30am! Need to start work at 4:00. I got to get up earlier to feed the cats. Yes, I’m a good cat mom.


How can resist these two?

Catching Up and Day Dreaming

In the meantime, before the house is sold and August 14th creeps up quickly, I’ve been getting caught up with all my stuff before I leave and day dreaming about designing my 1 bedroom apartment above my parent’s garage.

Catching up means dealing with car stuff and catching up with the paperwork both personal and restaurant is in order for the move and what I really need to take with me. Lots of sorting and shredding is involved. All things that I hate and procrastinate.

That’s why 1 bed apartment is becoming more of an mild obsession to me. I’ve thinking small and efficient and as green as I can afford and worth the resale.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 10.49.21 AM

this what happens on sleepless nights

I’ve been pinning too many floor plans, mid-century and Scandinavian style items on my home board. Just things that will work with my eclectic taste. I’m also bringing home some furniture (chairs and a little desk) that I want to finish for my place.

More to come when I have more really and solid plans or news to share. Been busy keeping the house cleaning for all the showing. Cats love the open spaces to run and chase each other. Man, such the cat lady.

Life of First-Time Home Seller

I’m not so sure what to expect. I know I have to keep the house presentable. Leave when someone come to see it.

But apparently I’m a spaz.

Got a message from my realtor someone wanted to come in 15–20 minutes. I was in a middle of a lot of things–laundry, getting a load ready for goodwill, figuring who may want the last of Oat’s clothes.

I kind of freaked out. I scurried downstair to the “Elephant Chair” where the pile of Goodwill stuff was. I looked out the window to see 2 cars parked in front of my house.

OMG!!! Grab the pile dump into my den. Run upstairs grab my bag and my phone. Look for dirty dishes from breakfast on my desk. Run into the kitchen put breakfast dishes in the dish washer. My lunch in was wait to be microwaved. . . . I’m sweating now . . . not sure if it is from running around or hot flash brought on by stress. I put my phone down to put my lunch in the refrigerator but . . . WAIT! I have my dried clothes in sitting in the hallway. Crap! move the clothes into the downstairs bedroom on the side. . . hoping they don’t see it. SWEATING!!!! Lock the door. Wait! Are they leaving?

Drive off. I’m going to text my realtor that I left the house. WHERE’S MY PHONE???? Oh know. How do I tell anyone I left my house. I’ll go to the library. Awww crap. Just go to Starbucks and sit and relax. Oh wait, I need shoes and DSW is in the same mall as Starbucks.



Lunch soothed my freaked out mind–should have just had ice cream

Three pairs of shoes (I was freaked out) and Shaken Black Ice Tea with lemonade later I make my way home. They should be gone by then.

I walk up the stair to my bedroom to look for my phone to see 3 pairs a bra left out to dry. A closet wide open with a pile of clothes on the chest. My heart drops. Ugh!

I win the SPAZ award for the day. Hope they enjoyed my spastic-ness for giving me 15 minutes to pull it together.


I’m finally done with my house but I’m helping my girlfriend (who is also moving to Hawaii after 34 years and 11 months) place ready to be put on the market. So it was 2 days of cleaning and painting.

Hopefully no more paint on me for a while. All I need to do is keep it clean (lots of take out) and if all the stars are lined up, someone else will fall in love with my house as Oat and I did.


My hands are tired and sore from all the work I’ve done the past 2 weeks to get it ready.

But this weekend will be different. Visiting a friend I have seen in a while for hiking and a lot of catching up.


On the Market

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 2.49.01 PMIt finally happened–THE HOUSE IS ON THE MARKET!!!

I didn’t think it could happen. My to-do list seemed endless. Wish me luck on getting a buyer soon. And if you know of anyone that are interested, please feel free to send them the link. Much appreciate it.

I’m on to the next step–getting ready for the move.  More to come soon.



Why didn’t know it would be so hard? It was slow at the beginning, looking closely at everything, thinking hard what is pile it should go in–keep, toss, donate and of course, I had fourth one–who can I give it to.

And why is it so hard to give away free stuff.

I’m exhausted. I have 3 piles in my living room right now–toss, donate and going to the storage (meaning keep). I gave up on the fourth one (sort of). I hope all of you are proud of me for it. Please note my keep pile is much smaller than my donate pile.

Sometimes It’s Sad

But this morning I did tackled something hard. I cleaned out Oat’s travel kit. It was on a top shelf of a closet. I finally clean up that shelf. Then there it was, sitting on the floor next to my bed. It sat there for a couple of days, waiting to be clean up.

I was really sad. It kind of the end of my travels with him. We still had many place to see. I know everyone will miss goofy costumes. Here’s one of the favorites. I photoshopped the peg leg and parrot for him. He was so happy.


Sometimes There’s a Reason

It’s not all painfully, I found a great book I had picked up from one of my company’s many purges. Obon, a Japanese summer festival that celebrate your ancestors. There’s dancing, taiko drumming, people dressed in kimonos, crafts and lot of great food.


this goes to my fourth pile–to my cousin’s girls

Sometimes There’s a Goal


I’m to soon reach it. Friday is pictures, Wednesday it gets listed and Sunday is a Open House. I hope to be one giant step closer to start my new life in Hawaii.