First Hike 2020

Octopus plant makes for a nice pattern

My first hike of 2020 was at my old faithful, Aiea Loop Trail. I woke up wanting do a I hike, start my year with a clear head. Thought I’d be the only one on the trail but to my surprise there was more people with the same mindset as to get out for a hike.

I do uphill instead of down. It gets the usual wet part over with first. And the trail was really gooey on this day. Took it slow to not to slip or get too much mud on me. Didn’t take my poles with me, that would have help on speed.

Forrest Bathing???

Speaking of speed, I guess I shouldn’t worry about that because if this was suppose to be kind of a Forrest Bathing event, should be more about being amongst the trees. haha. I went as fast as I could to work up a sweat and stopped and took pictures where I could. Got done in 1:38 for 4.29 miles, not bad.

It was really beautiful out. Skies were clear even after the firework show.

Need some inspiration for all of my making. Love the texture of the old gnarly trees and the moss. I was thinking it would make a beautiful cowl. The silvery color of the bark of the old trees is also a beautiful color. Bet its’ hard dye.

That’s all for my first post of 2020. Have a inspired year!


Random things

Of what I’ve been doing lately.

Frogged (ripped out)

yarn from Japan

Started this cowl, found a mistake, got irritated, frogged.

Actually been frogging most things these days. Knitting isn’t making happy. After I bought all this beautiful yarn from Japan, I’ve decide to take a break to let my knitting.

Baking and Jamming

Cooler weather brings baking and jamming–banana chocolate chip bread, caramelized onion, carrots, and pepper quiche, custard pie, pickled veggies for salads, mixed berries jam, almond shortbread, and blueberry custard pie.

Sunset, Beer and Friends

Last minute sunset outing with friends.

Keep on hiking

Sights from my many hikes at Aiea Loop Trail. Maybe one day I’ll get others to another trail.

Sleepy cats

Orange and Ollie napping around the house. Ollie is usually up high, too hard to get a shot.

Many Views of Aiea Loop Trail

I’ve hiked Aiea Loop Trail 4 times since the beginning of June. It’s become my training hike for my to Japan. It’s a beautiful hike with gradual ups and downs under the cover of the forest from the morning sun. It’s well traveled trail with trail runners, solo, pairs, groups, familes and very well behaved dogs. There’s strawberry guava and lilikoi to be found (not really hiding). I think a couple more times and then I’ll up my distance on a longer hillier hike. Anyone want to come?

Hike with T

With E uphill

On my own

With the Waipahu Crew